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    Whether you’re looking for eye-catching arm candy for yourself or one-of-a-kind wearable keepsakes for loved ones, you’ll find a wide variety of chain and link bracelets crafted by talented artisans on Etsy. From dainty gold and silver chain bracelets to dazzling chunky statement links, the shops on Etsy offer chain and link bracelets to fit any preference or occasion.

    • Rope chain bracelets feature a symmetrical link pattern resembling a twisted rope. This chain type is elegant, modern, and ultra-feminine.
    • Box chain bracelets—also called Venetian bracelets—have interlocking box-shaped links, making them sturdy, durable, and beautiful.
    • Charm link bracelets accommodate collectible charms and pendants. The shops on Etsy offer a huge variety of charm link bracelets and charms in colors, gemstones, characters, and symbols to represent all sorts of interests.

    Chain and link bracelets aren’t just for women. Men’s chain bracelets radiate whatever flavor of masculinity you’re going for.

    Bike chain bracelets are both edgy and trendy.

    Men’s curb bracelets in stainless steel or silver are strong and fashionable.

    Ante up the wow factor with a gold Cuban link bracelet with large, thick links.

    Sellers on Etsy offer a great variety of kids’ chain and link bracelets that make excellent gifts for birthdays, Christmas, and other special occasions.

    Kids love personalized items; a link bracelet featuring their name or initials is sure to delight.

    A baby bracelet is an adorable way to commemorate your little one’s baptism or first birthday.

    Chain bracelets featuring birthstones are sure kid-pleasers. Invite a child to decorate a charm link bracelet with fun charms they choose themselves.