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    Braided friendship bracelets are a symbolic gift given between friends. Traditionally, the maker of the bracelet ties it onto a friend’s wrist and the wearer keeps the bracelet on until it naturally frays and falls off. Since friendship bracelets are often made of cotton or twine, eventually the cord wears down from exposure to sun and water. Some people make a wish when they tie the bracelet on and believe it comes true when the accessory falls off.

    The most popular way of making a woven bracelet is through a series of macrame knots. Braided bracelet patterns guide you through the different techniques used in macrame. The half hitch is the most basic knot that, when repeated, creates a strong, overlapping band. If you continuously tie the half hitch on the same side, you’ll have a twisted cord. By alternating the sides of the half hitch, you’ll achieve a straight cord.

    Customize the bracelet with colored macrame cords and beads. Create a pattern of your own or spell out your friend’s name within the braids. If you’re designing a friendship bracelet, you won’t need to add any clasps, since you’ll be tying the bracelet directly onto your friend’s wrist.

    Not into bracelet making? Not a problem. Sellers on Etsy can craft the bracelet of your dreams while you sit back and shop for a matching braided necklace. Order a pair of braided leather bracelets for yourself and your partner, or have custom braided bracelets made for each of your bridesmaids. Get a meaningful word or phrase woven into a bracelet for an inspiring message that will always be close at hand.