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  • Learn More About Brooches

    A brooch or brooch pin is a piece of decorative jewelry that features a clasp or pin, and is designed to be attached to clothing. Use brooches to add an ornamental touch to your shirts, blouses, and sweaters, fasten it to your blazer lapel as a classic accessory, or adorn your scarf for an elegant look. Browse the small shops on Etsy to find a wide range of fashionable brooches in a variety of colors, materials, and designs to accentuate your style.

    Whether it's for casual, everyday wear or for glamorous or formal occasions, there are many ways to style a brooch. Here are a few stylish examples on how to wear a brooch to add a little sparkle and shine to your wardrobe:

    • On the lapel: A brooch on the lapel of your jacket, coat, or blazer is the traditional way to wear one. While there aren’t any rules on which side you should attach one, a brooch worn on the left side is regarded as proper for formal occasions.
    • At the neckline: Draw attention to your evening dress with a gorgeous brooch placed at your neckline. If you have a low-cut dress, attach your brooch at the center for an eye-catching look. For shirts and sweaters, fasten a brooch just beneath your collarbone to add style to your outfit, or place it at the base of your neck.
    • As a hair accessory: Use a brooch pin as a hair accessory for special occasions. Clip an antique or vintage brooch in your hair or use it as part of the veil at your wedding, or pin a brooch in your elegantly upswept chignon for formal events.
    • To secure a scarf: Use a brooch as a sophisticated and stylish way to secure a neck scarf or head scarf. However, make sure your scarf’s fabric can handle the size and weight of your brooch—a delicate silk scarf may get damaged from a heavy, oversized metal brooch.

    On Etsy, you’ll discover a world of brooches to suit all styles—from jewel-encrusted brooches in silver and gold to novelty brooches to match your mood and interests. Here are some types of brooches you’ll find:

    • Bar brooch: Bar brooches are named for their horizontal, elongated shape. They often feature a decorative design and are easy to fasten with the pin hooking into a looped fastening.
    • Cameo brooch: A cameo brooch features a raised, carved image of a person’s profile, a landscape, or a mythical scene. This brooch type was among the jewelry of choice for upper-class ladies during the 18th and 19th centuries, and remains popular today.
    • Pendant brooch: Pendant brooches are versatile pieces of jewelry that can pull double-duty as a brooch and a necklace pendant.
    • Foliate brooch: A foliate brooch is decorated with beautiful floral or leaf designs with gemstones or metal finishes, and is worn to signify love and friendship.