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    Cuff earrings and wrap earrings are a stylish spin on classic hoop earrings and can be worn by anyone—even if you don’t have pierced ears. If you’d like a more traditional look, gold earring cuffs, earring cuffs with decorative chains, and simple earrings cuffs are popular picks. Fun earring cuff designs like dragons, snakes, cats, mermaids, and star earring cuffs are great if you’d like to add a bit more flair to your earring collection. Cuff earrings can be worn easily with your other earrings. Choose a long earring cuff and group it with several other bold earrings to create an eclectic mix on your ear. For an understated look, gold cuff earrings can be paired with hoops, stud earrings, and other simple designs.

    You’ll find all different types of cuff earrings on Etsy ranging from classic and chic to bold and over the top. Cuff earrings featuring animal designs are extremely popular and you’ll find cat cuff earrings, dragons, snakes, and mermaids galore from Etsy sellers. Many of these styles also include unique accents that you can personalize, like the type of gold they’re made from or the color of different gemstones. Etsy sellers also design many different simple earring cuffs. These may be available individually or as a set that can be customized with your selections.