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    Hoop earrings are a simple staple accessory that’s always in style. From small hoop earrings to large hoop earrings, they’re easy to style and wear everyday. Like a perfect pair of jeans, it doesn’t hurt to have a few pairs of hoop earrings on hand for any occasion. Classic, understated hoop earring styles are versatile for all day wear and can be easily dressed up or dressed down. When you’re ready to make a bold statement, large hoop earrings make a big impact. It’s easy to start small and as you’re comfortable you can add bigger and bolder styles of hoop earrings to your look. Plain gold hoop earrings made from yellow, white, or rose gold are a great place to start and diamond hoop earrings can add a little extra sparkle to your look.

    Discover all different kinds of hoop earrings from Etsy sellers, whether you’re starting your collection, adding a statement pair, or shopping for a gift. If you’re looking for your first pair of hoop earrings, Etsy sellers have many small hoop earring styles that are a great place to start. You can often customize the material of the hoop earrings and choose from options like 14K gold, white gold, silver, and rose gold hoop earrings. You can find many different unique shapes of hoop earrings on Etsy in addition to traditional round ones. From ovals to squares, thick to thin, you’ll find many different styles of small and large hoop earrings on Etsy that you can wear every day.