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  • Learn More About Necklaces

    Necklaces are one of the best decorations for the body and communicate your individual style and tastes. With so many styles, metals, and pendants to choose from, the range of necklaces you can add to your collection is nearly endless.

    From precious metals such as gold or silver to leather cords and fancy pendants, you can choose a single special piece for the day or mix and match for a necklace stack that’s uniquely you. Types of necklaces range from dainty lockets with your favorite picture to statement chains in a variety of styles—from rope chains, Figaro chains, cable chains, or Cuban chains.

    Once you’ve chosen a general type of necklace, consider what colors of metal you’d like to incorporate: sterling silver, rose gold, yellow gold, or darker metals. Beaded necklaces may feature turquoise, freshwater pearls, sea glass, or hematite beads. These beads are a nice way to bring a bit of color, either subtle or statement-making, into your necklace.

    Classic vintage necklaces are often a romantic choice for anniversaries or special occasions. Retro designs from the ‘60s, ‘70s, and ‘80s often include charms inspired by significant moments, artists, and attractions of the time.

    You’ll find countless personalized necklace designs on Etsy, and some are even ready to ship in just a few days or less. Etsy sellers customize necklaces by adding your name or that of a loved one, a significant date, or precious gemstones. Special messages can be added to necklaces by engraving them on mini-bars or adding letter beads.

    Search for personalized necklaces on Etsy, and use search filters to refine your search even further. You can often select the chain length, pendant style, type of gold or silver, and other special details. Sellers may provide a spot for you to add your personalization, or you can send a message to request something significant.

    As you choose a necklace length, consider what you plan on wearing it with. If your neckline is low, a longer necklace or a chain with a pendant can shine bright. For higher necklines, a shorter necklace or choker may be the best option. If you have a favorite necklace, give it a quick measure. Etsy sellers often offer multiple lengths to choose from, or you can request a custom length if you have something specific in mind.