Beaded Necklaces

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    Beaded necklaces come in many lengths, styles, and materials, including glitzy gold bead necklaces and beaded gemstone necklaces. Here are a few common types of beaded necklaces:

    • Choker: A beaded choker sits just above the collarbone or high on the neck and measures 12 to 14 inches long.
    • Multi-strand: These necklaces have multiple strands of beads and are fastened in the back with one closure.
    • Graduated: A graduated beaded necklace has varying sizes of beads. The largest beads are usually in the front center, with gradually smaller beads toward the back.
    • Opera: This is an extra long beaded necklace that can rest below the bust line or even at the belly button.
    • Lariat: A lariat beaded necklace is a long necklace that can be tied in a knot or pulled through a ring to create a Y shape.
    • Crocheted: These have beads that are crocheted into a chain or band of string or wire.
    • Seed bead: Tiny seed beads are typically woven into a band, often to make a choker. The beads can also be strung to make fringe or other decorations.

    In some cultures, including many in Africa, beads are believed to hold symbolic meanings, based on their color. These meanings can vary by culture. Here are some examples of bead colors and the symbolic meanings they are believed to hold.

    • Black: strong, will, strength
    • Blue: calmness, honesty, spirituality
    • Yellow: joy, wisdom
    • Red: confidence, passion, energy
    • Green: happiness, fertility, balance
    • Purple: self-control, spirituality, tranquility
    • White: honesty, purity

    In some cultures, even the shape of a bead is sometimes thought to have symbolic meaning.

    • Circle: protection, community, femininity, infinity
    • Square or rectangle: order, security, honesty
    • Triangle: stability, purpose

    Whether you are going for a dressy or a casual look, beaded necklaces are a great way to add a pop of color to your wardrobe. Here are a few easy ways to style them:

    • Choker: A beaded choker is a great way to accessorize a V-neck, scoop neck, or collared shirt. Chokers also pair wonderfully with a strapless top or dress.
    • Opera and lariat: A long beaded necklace looks great over a turtleneck. For contrasting layers, try pairing an opera necklace with a choker over a V-neck top.
    • Multicolored beads: Whether it’s a bright preppy choker or a long, colorful beaded necklace, multicolored beads look striking against a solid color.
    • Single-color beads: White or light color beads tend to go well with light or neutral-colored clothing. Darker beads often pair well with dark or bright clothing.