• Learn More About Chains

    A chain necklace can be a great accessory for day or for evening. Whether you’re shopping for a men's chain necklace or a women’s chain necklace, first consider the overall look you want to achieve. Are you looking for a simple, elegant chain, like a box chain? Or maybe a thick chain necklace, like a curb link chain? Or a more intricate design, like a wheat chain? Do you want a simple chain you can wear with your favorite pendant, like a cable chain?

    Will you be layering your chains? It’s a good idea to use different lengths and textures for both visual interest and to help prevent them from getting tangled.

    Next, think about color. The two main options for chains are typically gold and silver. However, the necklaces come in many shades including white gold, rose gold, and black.

    Price is another significant factor to consider when buying a chain necklace. From sterling silver and gold-plated chains to 24 karat gold necklaces, the quality and purity of the metal significantly factor into the price, but you can find chain necklaces on Etsy to suit all kinds of budgets.

    There are dozens of styles of chain necklaces. Here are some of the most common designs:

    • Anchor: With reinforced oval links, these resemble the chain on a ship’s anchor.
    • Bar: Popular in Art Deco jewelry, these chains include long metal bars.
    • Bead: Also known as a ball chain, these are made of small metal beads.
    • Belcher: Also called rolo chains, these are a spin on cable chains, with rounded links.
    • Boston: Similar to C link chains, these flat chains are very flexible.
    • Box: These chains have square links.
    • Byzantine: These intricate chains have a woven appearance.
    • C link: These are flat, flexible chains, with C-shaped links.
    • Cable: A popular choice for pendant necklaces, these have a simple chain-link design.
    • Cobra: Similar to C link chains, these are flat chains with triangle-shaped links.
    • Curb: These are a popular style for thicker chains, with flattened oval links.
    • Figaro: These necklaces often have a pattern, such as three small links and one large link.
    • Herringbone: Similar to snake chains, these are flat chains with a tight, woven appearance.
    • Infinity: These have flat links that resemble figure eights.
    • Mesh: These delicate woven chains can be flat or rounded.
    • Popcorn: With lots of tight links, this chain resembles rope.
    • Rope: These chains have a braided appearance, similar to a rope.
    • Snake: These flexible, flat chains have a serpent-like appearance.
    • Wheat: These have strands woven to resemble a stalk of wheat.

    For an elegant statement chain that can be worn without a pendant, consider a popcorn, byzantine, or mesh chain. For chains with decorative links, consider a figaro, anchor, infinity, or herringbone chain. Cable, figaro, curb, wheat, and box chains are all great options if you would like to add a pendant.

    Many jewelry sellers on Etsy offer care instructions for the necklaces they sell. As a general rule, to keep chain necklaces looking new, avoid wearing them when exercising as sweat and natural oils could tarnish the finish of your necklace. For a simple way to clean your chain necklace, soak it in mild dish soap and warm water, and gently rub the necklace with a soft cloth. Rinse it and buff with a soft cloth until dry.

    When storing your necklace, try to place it separately in an airtight bag or box. This can help prevent your chains getting tangled and tarnished.