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    Charm necklaces feature a chain with one or many charms hanging from it. Each pendant can represent a unique experience, a significant letter, or a locket. Similar to popular vintage charm necklaces from the ‘80s, modern charm necklaces often include several charms and are added to over time, with each charm representing a special memory. Charm necklaces are often different from pendant necklaces in that they contain multiple charms instead of a single accent piece.

    Charm necklaces can be customized in many different ways, from the charm style to the material each charm is made from to the initials you add to the chain. A popular gift for moms, you can customize a birthstone charm necklace with a gem for each child or grandchild, or add a locket with a special picture. Discover charm bracelets made from gold, silver, and rose gold from sellers on Etsy.

    Charm necklaces continue to be a popular style today, and a personalized charm necklace is a thoughtful birthday, anniversary, or bridal shower gift. Modern charm necklaces sometimes feature a floating charm. These clear acrylic lockets are made to hold several different mini charms like photos, gemstones, or glitter, like a snowglobe for your necklace!