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    Birthstones and gemstones are always top choices for crystal necklaces. Pick a few of your favorite stones and you’ll find a variety of crystal necklaces from Etsy sellers spotlighting the sparkler you’re sweet on. The best crystal necklace is the one you adore wearing no matter what your actual birthstone may be. You can create a custom crystal necklace from an Etsy seller by choosing the stone (or stones!) you love most, the material and length of the chain, and other unique personalization details. You’ll end up with a one-of-a-kind gemstone stunner that reflects your individual style. If you can’t settle on just one necklace, the layered necklace trend is great for crystal necklaces. You can select a necklace to symbolize significant people in your life, the months that mean the most to you, or simply the colors you love most, and layer away each and every day.

    Both small and large crystals are popular choices for necklaces. You can group smaller gemstones together as multiple charms or beads, while larger stones make quite the statement when worn as a single pendant on a chain. Polished crystal necklaces are popular, but you may also enjoy the more natural trend of raw crystal necklaces. These stones are left in their natural state and have a textured appearance. Nearly any type of gemstone can be made into a necklace and Etsy sellers offer a variety of customization options so you can find the style you like best. You can select the materials, the stones, the length, the chain style, and more.

    You’ll find many different styles of crystal necklaces on Etsy that are perfect for everyday wear. Pink crystal necklaces, like rose quartz, are popular because their pastel color coordinates well with many other colors in your wardrobe. It’s easy to style these necklaces because the pale pink tones work as a neutral and complement most other colors. Purple crystal necklaces are another prized pick because their amethyst tones are striking when paired with rich jewel tones. Crystal necklaces set in gold are prized for their versatility. Crystal necklaces are a wonderful gift idea because they can be worn everyday and it’s easy to add new crystal charms to a necklace over time. Parents and grandparents love adding charms for each child or grandchild as a daily reminder of their loved ones. Etsy sellers provide listing details about the best care for your crystal necklace so you can wear it every day.