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    Marrying versatility and style, the lariat necklace is an open-ended necklace that can be worn in various ways. Usually ranging between 30-42” long, this clasp-less accessory was popular in the Roaring Twenties, when it was commonly tipped with tassels or other ornamentation. Some lariat necklaces have an open loop on one end that the other end can be drawn through, creating a Y- shape.

    Lariat style necklaces can feature a variety of stones and materials. Given that most lariat necklaces are delicate, these dainty chains add elegant sparkle to every day, whether they’re made of gold or platinum. Silver lariat necklaces layer flawlessly with your other silver chains. Lariat diamond necklaces add sumptuous sparkle to any look, from monday mornings to friday dates. For something a little more traditional, a pearl lariat necklace channels old Hollywood glamor.

    Often confused with the lariat, the term “Y necklace” refers to any necklace that features a center drop, imitating the letter Y. A Y drop necklace can have a loop insert like the lariat does, but it could also feature a rear clasp or a clasp at the center of the Y. Y necklaces dazzle when layered over a breezy tunic or paired with a deep v-neck.

    A lariat is a versatile piece that can be worn in many different ways to suit your mood. Like a scarf, you can wear the necklace draped over both shoulders and open in the front. Play around with wrapping the chain around your neck once or twice. Leave both ends hanging on the front, or toss them onto your back.

    One styling method known as the twist involves wrapping the front pieces around each other as a closure. This works best with heavy, beaded lariat necklaces or those that have weight on the ends in order to hold the twist in place. Wear a vintage lariat necklace from a shop on Etsy in a loose, overhand knot for a 20s vibe. Try combining styling techniques, or add your own knots for a one-of-a-kind look.