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  • Learn More About Pendants

    If you have a necklace chain you adore and would like to update the look of it, adding a pendant is an easy way to give your favorite links some new life. You can also purchase a pendant and chain that are already paired up. A pendant can be styled by adding it to a necklace that’s made from the same material. If you have a gold chain you’d like to use for your necklace, shop for a 14K gold pendant. Pendants can feature a gold or silver design or they can be handcrafted to include precious stones like jade pendants and diamond pendants. You can also wear multiple different styles of necklace pendants on one chain for a personalized look.

    Etsy sellers design many different types of pendants that can be added to a necklace chain you already own or they may be sold with a chain so they’re ready to wear. You’ll find many different styles of pendant necklaces on Etsy, from simple gold pendant styles to dressy diamond pendant necklaces. Many of the pendant necklace designs on Etsy can be personalized with your choice of material, gemstones, and engravings. Pendant necklaces with an initial are always in style and make a great gift. You can work with an Etsy seller to personalize one just for you or someone special.