Tassel Necklaces

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    Tassel necklaces are a different take on the lavalier style of necklace. Instead of a single pendant, these pieces of jewelry feature hanging tassels as the focal point. Tassels are ornamental finishers made of gathered threads or cord secured with a knot and draped aesthetically.

    Dating back to ancient eras, tassels were originally made for garments of worship and eventually made their way into fashion as adornments for dresses, jackets, hats, and sleeves, as well as home decor accents on curtains and pillows. Shops on Etsy offer a selection of tassel necklaces in many different lengths with tassels in different sizes and colors. Some designs also feature multiple tassels, giving you plenty of options when finding a style that you love.

    Tassel necklaces are versatile accessories boasting boho vibes. Bring a little fringe with you wherever you go with these chic ways to wear your new tassel necklace:

    • Knotted: With a long tassel necklace, tie a loose knot in the middle to make the draped portion of the necklace longer.
    • Choker: Loop a tassel necklace around two times or more to create a neck-skimming style.
    • Side-saddle: Sweep a tassel necklace to the side for a look as cute as it is asymmetrical.
    • Reverse: Accentuate a backless dress or top by reversing a beaded tassel necklace and accessorizing the open area at the back of your outfit.

    Tassel necklaces make great gifts for the fashion forward. For your friend who absolutely adores Art Deco style, surprise them with a gold tassel necklace or a vintage version that would be right at home in a flapper’s ensemble. Silver is the traditional 25th anniversary celebration gift, so present your beloved with a silver tassel necklace they’ll be sure to cherish for the next 25. Whether you want to express adoration and love or give a gift just because, look to the handcrafted tassel necklace masterpieces from designers on Etsy for the perfect present.