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  • Learn More About Bands

    The right ring elevates any outfit with sparkle, color, and texture. Whether it's a simple band or an intricately designed gemstone ring, each ring can be an expression of your personal style and a keepsake to remember special moments.

    Popular types of bands include:

    • Diamond: A diamond band ring is a simple statement piece that can boost any look. This lovely gem is often found in wedding bands because it is one of the most durable stones in the world.
    • Gemstone: Many rings feature semi-precious and precious gemstones like amethysts, emeralds, rubies, and opals. The band may feature a single stone or have several gemstones mounted all the way around it.
    • Hammered: The hammering technique creates an irregular, indented pattern around the ring band. This texture creates a unique piece and typically no two are alike.
    • Minimalist: Some outfits just need a little "extra" without stealing the show. Minimalist bands are smooth and usually monochromatic. You can also wear them in combination with more ornate bands and jewelry to enhance your look.
    • Promise ring: A special piece of jewelry can seal a special promise, and Etsy sellers have designed meaningful his and hers rings to mark meaningful occasions.

    Ring bands can be made from a wide range of materials, from traditional gold and silver bands to modern wood and silicon designs. Shop Etsy for all kinds of ring bands including:

    • Gold bands are sleek and timeless, which makes them a simple enhancement to any look. Rose gold band rings offer a unique blend of pink and gold tones.
    • Silver band rings are timeless accessories that look beautiful with both formal and casual wear.
    • Wooden rings are the perfect accent to complete a minimalist or boho chic outfit. You can find this material in everything from contemporary to vintage ring styles.

    Ring bands can be styled individually or stacked in a set. You can wear a single band on a few fingers, or you can create a combination of multiple bands on one finger. This is sometimes referred to as a ring stack. As you shop for unique ring band designs, shops on Etsy have created an inspiring range of classic and trendy styles, like bow bands. Browsing can be a great way to get some ideas for your own ring stack. As you style your ring bands, consider mixing and matching the size, materials, and styles of your rings. This creates a layered look. You can pair multiple bands in different colors, or pick a double band ring for an all-in-one style.