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    Midi rings sit in the middle of a finger, right above the lower knuckle. This jewelry is typically a few sizes smaller than your regular ring size so that they fit snugly in the center of a finger. They are also sometimes called "knuckle rings" or "above knuckle rings." They come in many materials and styles, from whisper thin minimal midi rings that seamlessly blend with your other jewelry, to hammered rings, small signet rings, and other designs.

    Midi rings are so versatile that you can wear them with any outfit. They’re perfect for layering with your other favorite rings, too. Here are a few popular ways to style midi rings:

    • Stack midi ring sets and combine different shapes on each finger for a fun mix-and-match look.
    • Pair chunky gothic midi rings with dark or black nail polish.
    • Wear several different metals for a boho style.

    Have fun experimenting with your own ring combos that express your unique personality and taste.

    Midi rings come in a variety of beautiful styles and materials. Here are a few examples:

    • Metal midi rings: Since most traditional-sized rings are made of metals like gold, silver, or rose gold, metal midi rings make the perfect complement to these pieces.
    • Thin midi rings: Thin midi rings add a little extra sparkle to your everyday jewelry ensemble without stealing the spotlight from your other accessories.
    • Thick midi rings: A wide midi ring makes a strong statement piece. You can even go for an eye-catching tube midi ring that runs from knuckle to knuckle.
    • Vintage midi rings: In the Art Deco and Victorian eras, midi rings weren’t quite as popular as they are today but you can still wear these vintage styles as midi rings. Simply pick a design that’s a couple sizes smaller than your normal ring size for a snug, above the knuckle fit.