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    When it comes to popping the question, there’s a reason the solitaire engagement ring has gained classic status: It’s bold and brilliant and can be easily customized for your love. On Etsy, you’ll find all different kinds of solitaire rings including diamond rings and other gemstones. Many sellers have also designed matching wedding bands to coordinate with their solitaire rings.

    • Princess cut solitaire rings: A modern, square-shaped cut
    • Cushion cut solitaire rings: Similar to a princess cut but slightly rounded at the corners
    • Round cut solitaire rings: The classic round solitaire style that places all the focus on the stone
    • Mens solitaire rings: Often designed with a slightly weightier band

    As you shop for a solitaire ring, first decide which kind of stone you’re looking for (either a diamond or something unique like a birthstone). Then, consider the “4 Cs.” Sellers on Etsy often address these in their listing details.

    • Cut: The cut of a solitaire ring is the shape of the stone. Popular cuts include princess, round, brilliant, cushion, pear, and marquis cut.
    • Color: Gemstones are rated by their overall color. For diamond solitaires, stones may range from colorless (or perfectly clear) all the way to yellow and amber hues.
    • Clarity: The clarity of a solitaire ring indicates how occluded the stone is. Some inclusions may only be visible under a microscope.
    • Carat: The weight of the center stone, the carat size also equates to the overall dimensions of the stone. A higher carat weight indicates a larger stone.