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    Traditionally gifted to a loved one as a symbol of your devotion, a promise ring is meant to signify your commitment to your significant other. Many designs of promise rings feature a gemstone or special symbol, like infinity promise rings. These designs feature the infinity symbol to represent an unending love. Etsy sellers can create a matching set of promise rings for couples. Some of these couples rings feature half of a symbol or design that is completed when placed next to the other ring. Other promise ring styles are decorated with gemstones and can be personalized with the birthstone of your beloved, like amethyst promise rings and emerald promise rings. You can also choose a birthstone you love, even if it’s not your own.

    Typically promise rings are placed on a ring finger, but they can be customized by Etsy sellers in any size you’d like so that you can wear them on your preferred finger. Promise rings can be worn with other rings in a layered set for a modern look. If you’d like to try this trend, you can customize your promise ring on Etsy by choosing the material, setting, and gemstones so that it coordinates with your other jewelry.

    Shop for many different types of promise rings from Etsy sellers and create a one-of-a-kind ring by choosing from a variety of customization options. Heart promise rings are a popular choice that can be personalized with different materials, designs, and gemstones. Gold promise rings are classic and easy to style. They can also be customized with different gemstones, accents, and engravings. Promise rings that blend different stones―like purple promise rings, blue promise rings, and pink promise rings―are a popular pick with couples who enjoy a pop of color.