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  • Learn More About Watches

    Watches are made of two parts: the watch face and the strap. Men’s watches are often a bit on the larger side, but this oversized look is also a popular trend in women’s watches, too. Watch straps can be crafted from leather or metal, and many shops on Etsy create straps from unique materials like ceramic and silicone. Some women’s watches have extremely narrow straps, multiple straps, or straps that resemble bracelets.

    When buying a watch, think about what features are important to you. Do you want one that you wind each day, or a self-winding watch, or a battery-powered watch? Do you want the day and date to show on the watch? Or phases of the moon? Once you know which styles you like best, you can begin to customize your watch by choosing the strap style, face style, and materials. Watch straps come in many materials beyond standard leather or metal style. Mix it up with a canvas or nylon strap in just about any color or pattern you can dream up. Some sellers use natural materials like rubber, wood and cork.

    In addition to personalizing the look of your custom watch, you can also work with a seller to add special engraved messages or dates. Custom watches are a thoughtful wedding, anniversary, or birthday gift for the loved ones in your life.

    Classic watches are a statement in themselves. Luxury watches and gold styles can be the start of an heirloom-worthy collection. Classic, stainless steel designs can transition easily from daily wear to outdoor exploring. Pocket watches are a popular collector’s item, and can also be a thoughtful wedding gift for the groom or for a special event.