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    Sending greeting cards to commemorate a momentous occasion or communicate goodwill can be traced back to ancient China and Egypt. The practice spread throughout Europe and other parts of the world and remains popular today. Greeting cards aren’t only available in grocery store aisles, though. Shops on Etsy offer a wide assortment of cards, from custom greeting cards rife with heartfelt messages and obvious care to photo greeting cards. Find the perfect communication to send a thoughtful note to a loved one from sellers on Etsy.

    Greeting card varieties run the gamut from personal celebrations to cultural milestones. Many occasions mark a tradition of well-wishing with accompanying greeting cards:

    • Birthdays: Birthday greeting cards are a huge part of birthday fun—unless you’re a kid who just wants to get that present opened. Birthday cards convey messages ranging from funny to sincere, and are a great way to give money or gift cards instead of a separate present.
    • Holidays: Holiday greeting cards are the original reason for greeting cards to exist. Send wishes of warmth and cheer with Christmas greeting cards or let your crush know they’ve got a secret admirer with a Valentine greeting card.
    • Weddings: It’s such fun to go to a wedding, but if you can’t make it, wedding greeting cards let the couple know that you’re there in spirit and wishing them well on their big day.
    • Blank: Make your own messages for any occasion that deserves celebrating, like a burgeoning actor’s first stage performance or a student acing a tough test. Blank greeting cards from shops in Etsy let you customize your greeting card down to the tiny details appreciated by your intended recipient.

    A hobby in its own right, the practice of making your own greeting cards is a lot more fun with the right tools:

    • Cardstock: The basic material of any greeting card, cardstock paper is a bit thicker and heavier than regular paper, lending itself nicely to notecards and greetings of all sorts.
    • Scissors: Craft scissors are a must in any crafting arsenal, and will help you create interesting and unique designs on your cards.
    • Crafting mat: Crafting mats—also known as cutting mats—serve as a buffer in between your table and sharp objects. Many come with helpful measurements and line aids for the perfectly manicured greeting card.
    • Stamps: Add personality and flair to your greeting cards with ink stamps in multiple whimsical designs.
    • Coloring supplies: Markers, watercolor sets, and colored pencils all help you add color and life to your greeting cards.
    • Washi tape: This durable and paper-backed decorative tape from Japan is a modern must-have for creating a range of greeting cards. Washi tape affixes photos and paper, decorates pages, or serves as borders with unique designs.