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    Another year, another chance to count the ways your love for your partner has grown with the help of an anniversary card. Expressing messages of affection, attachment, and adoration conveyed by card endures as a time-tested tradition for personal relationships. Whether married, dating, committed, or enjoying a deep bond of friendship, remembering an anniversary with a card represents lending a piece of your heart to those who hold it ever so dearly. Shops on Etsy offer a range of anniversary cards with thoughtful sentiments to perfectly express your feelings in any relationship.

    In the US and other places around the world, specific materials are used as traditional gifts for each anniversary. On Etsy, find wedding anniversary cards made with materials related to each milestone:

    Anniversary cards can be great gifts all by themselves, and they’re not just reserved for romantic relationships. Work anniversary cards commemorate the dedication it takes for someone to get exactly where they want to be in their career. They’re also perfect for holding gift cards if you’re tucking a treat into an employee’s work anniversary appreciation note.

    Work anniversary cards are a thoughtful way to acknowledge hard-working entrepreneurs, too. Have a friend whose small business made it through a rocky first year? Surprise them with a funny anniversary card to take the edge off and let them know you’ve got their back through it all. Or, celebrate a colleague’s retirement by working with a talented artisan on Etsy to craft handmade anniversary cards to congratulate them on a job well done.