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    Blank greeting cards are cards that don’t have pre-written messages inside them, giving you the opportunity to write your own words. You can use them for all sorts of occasions—from celebrations to condolences—to show a person that you’re thinking of them. Blank cards contain space on the inside to decorate your own way, and the outside is typically designed for holidays, birthdays, or any situation that calls for a card.

    Blank cards and envelopes come in numerous shapes and varieties for almost any occasion. You can even order custom blank cards if you want to add an extra-personal touch to your correspondence. These are some of the blank greeting cards you’ll find from shops on Etsy:

    Blank cards are usually made from cardboard or stiff paper, but they come in several other materials. From cloth or leather to wood and cork, there is a greeting card material to suit the recipient’s tastes. Think about who will be receiving the card, and what type of material matches their personal style. Also consider the size of the card and how much blank space you’ll need to decorate it or write in it. Pick up some decorative card envelopes as well to protect the card while it’s in the mail and add a personal touch before the recipient even opens it.