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    In the 19th century, sympathy cards were used to announce a person’s death. Original sympathy cards were typically flat engraved cards with the person’s name and facts regarding their life, death, and surviving loved ones. Because information traveled slowly then, sympathy cards were a respectful way to share a relative or friend's passing. Today, sympathy cards are used to convey empathy and care for those who have experienced a loss.

    When you’re looking for a way to share loving and compassionate sentiments, you want a card that reflects your true feelings. Select a personalized sympathy card for a colleague who lost a loved one. Give a dog sympathy card to someone who had to say goodbye to their furry companion. Whatever the reason, choose from these popular types of sympathy cards from sellers on Etsy:

    • Expressive: Sympathy cards with pre-written messages help convey your feelings eloquently and compassionately. You’ll find cards for many specific losses, making them a more personal option.
    • Blank: Blank sympathy cards feature artwork on the front with a completely blank interior, ready for you to fill. Blank cards work well when you have a story to share or deep feelings to express.
    • Custom: Custom sympathy cards are crafted by expert artisans to convey personalized messages, favorite quotes or sayings, and more. Custom cards are ideal when you want to provide an individualized note with a refined look.
    • Sympathy thank yous: Express appreciation with sympathy thank you cards for guests, friends, and family who have been there for you during your loss. These cards help express thanks in a memorable way.

    Finding the right words to express condolences is never easy. There’s no perfect way to say you’re sorry for a loved one’s loss, but you can offer thoughtfulness, kindness, and empathy. When you’re struggling to find the right words, remember to write your message from the heart. Here are some ideas to get you started:

    • Share a funny and tender story featuring their lost loved one as the star.
    • Pair your card with a small plant or flower as a symbol of enduring life.
    • Share a quote that saw you through a difficult time or a loss of your own.