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  • Learn More About Thank You Cards

    A thank you card expresses heartfelt feelings and shows someone that you appreciate them. There are many occasions you may find yourself wanting to send a thank you card, but here are a few of the most common reasons:

    • When someone gives you a gift: Christmas and holiday thank you cards express appreciation that someone took the time to pick something out for you. Give a thank you card for birthdays or as a warm season's greetings to look back on the year and simply thank someone for being a part of your life. For example, bridal shower thank you cards are a great opportunity to express your gratitude for everyone’s support and the gifts you received.
    • When guests attend your event: Sometimes, simply showing up can mean the world. Thank your guests with a card tucked into a gift bag or drop cards at their door as a follow-up to an amazing time.
    • When someone supports you through a tough time: Getting through life’s difficult moments is easier with a support network. What better way to give back than a personalized thank-you card with a thoughtful note inside?

    Finding the words to express your gratitude in a meaningful and genuine way is often challenging, but the perfect message can stick with someone as much as their act of kindness has stuck with you. Try these tips to best convey your sentiments and make the other person feel appreciated:

    • Take the time to write a personal message. Depending on the circumstance, a custom thank-you card may be adequate, but in most cases, a personal note—short or long—just feels more special. Sometimes a store-bought message hits all the right notes, but handwriting something extra means more because it comes from you.
    • Ask yourself what you’re thankful for. How will you use a gift? Why is it so awesome? How can I compliment the other person for their generosity? How has my life improved because of them?
    • Often, saying thank you is not so much about the gift or the act of kindness but about the outstanding characteristics of the person giving.
    • If you’re writing many cards for the whole family—or a swath of business thank-you cards to a team of people—spread it out over time. Writing the same phrase repeatedly or finding slight variations may eventually sound flat and disingenuous. Keep your heart and your brain fresh by taking breaks so you can return to thinking about each person you’re thanking.
    • Be mindful of when you send your card. For gifts, aim for a shorter time frame, like a few days or a week tops. You have a bit more wiggle room for larger life events like weddings or celebrations. As long as you’re sincere, a late thank-you is still much appreciated.

    Keeping a thank you fresh and sincere is all about finding the words to convey what you really mean. Whether it’s a simple statement or a heartfelt message, here are some other ways to say thank you:

    • I’m grateful
    • I appreciate you
    • I couldn’t have done it without you
    • I owe you
    • Thanks for having my back
    • I can always count on you
    • You’re a blessing
    • Cheers
    • Much appreciated
    • I’m forever indebted
    • You’re too kind
    • It means the world
    • You made my day
    • I’m touched
    • Wow
    • My heart is full
    • You know me so well
    • I can’t thank you enough, but this is a start