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    A “thinking of you” card is like a paper hug—it’s a card you give to a loved one when you feel they’re in need of one. Use these special cards to cheer someone up when they’re sad or sick, or simply to acknowledge that they’re in your thoughts.

    There are all kinds of unique cards with hand-drawn illustrations and words of encouragement for all occasions. Whether you want to uplift a friend who’s feeling down or put a spring in someone’s step with a reminder of how much you love them, you’ll find a fitting card to express your message.

    There’s no shortage when it comes to card options and types you can deliver to your friends and family. Send a laugh in cardstock form with funny “thinking of you” cards equipped with humorous phrases, cheeky puns, or silly graphics. Or, if you’re a poet and you know it— there are many handmade blank cards with space inside to write your own inspiring words or personal greetings. Get even more personal with a customized card that will express how thoughtful you truly are. From dreamy watercolor illustrations to handwritten calligraphy to stunning graphic design, there are artists on Etsy offering a wide selection of creative cards that’ll make anyone’s day a little brighter.

    There are many ways to personalize your thinking of you card with an assortment of stationery treasures. Signed, sealed, delivered—write your words of endearment down with a good quality pen, close your love letter with a unique customized seal, and place your special card in a sleek envelope for a hint of crafty flair.

    Have a little DIY fun and fill your card with confetti for a colorful surprise, or get sticky with stickers and stamps to decorate the envelope. Discover shops on Etsy offering exceptional card-making supplies and embellishments to spruce up your cards and add a splash of your personality as a finishing touch.