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  • Learn More About Save the Dates

    Sending out your save-the-dates is the best way to get what you want for your wedding: all of your loved ones there to celebrate. A wedding save-the-date is the first notice of your wedding date and is sent out before your wedding invitations. Save-the-dates can be sent before or after your engagement party, should you choose to have one.

    The most important piece of information on the save-the-date (other than who is getting married) is the date of the wedding. You don’t need to have your venue booked yet, but you must have settled on a date. The idea behind this card is to give your guests as much advance notice as possible so they can plan to be in town or at the location of your wedding.

    For this reason, you’ll also want to include the city where your wedding will take place. If you plan to have a destination wedding, it’s helpful to send your wedding save-the-date cards a little earlier so guests can make travel arrangements.

    Send your save-the-dates at the very least three months but ideally six months or more before the wedding. Keep in mind that yours might not be the only wedding happening that year, and there’s a chance your guests will have already confirmed attendance at a different event if you wait too long.

    Usually, save-the-dates come in the form of cards or postcards that might even hint at the style of your upcoming wedding. For a refreshing take on the tradition, consider these alternative mediums to deliver your celebratory message: