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  • Learn More About Templates

    Templates are an efficient and helpful way to make your documents look professional and polished. A template gives you ideas on design and structure, making it easy to create something visually striking. If you need assistance finding a job, a resume template allows you to whip your job experience into an attractive asset. Need new business cards? Achieve boss vibes with the perfect business card template. Explore template options from shops on Etsy—any document you want to create, streamline, or improve, there may just be a template for it.

    Whether you’re looking to improve your professional life, get organized, or are planning a walk down the aisle, sellers on Etsy have a template type for you:

    Resume templates: A resume is likely the most important piece to get you a job interview. It showcases your qualifications and experience and helps set you apart from other applicants. Highlight your education and career highlights with a professional, well-structured resume. Shops on Etsy have templates for all types of professions that are easy to edit and customize.

    Cover letter templates: Your cover letter is the first thing a prospective employer will see, and a well-written, sharp looking cover letter makes a great first impression. Up your professional game with a cover letter template from Etsy.

    Slides templates: Give the perfect presentation with a slides template. You’ll find options for school presentations, pitch decks, and business reports, giving you an easy way to create slides that will make your audience sit up and take notice.

    Invoice templates: If you operate your own business, a professional invoice sets the right tone to your clients and customers. Discover the wide variety of invoice templates from shops on Etsy and show off your brand with options ranging from minimalist designs to templates with splashes of color and bold graphics.

    Business card templates: If you’re in an industry where you need a business card, a sleek design will impress anyone who receives one. Whether you want to go with a simple design with your basic info or a colorful business card that makes a statement, sellers on Etsy have you covered with easy-to-use business card templates. Choose options like adding social media handles and QR codes that take someone right to your website.

    Budget templates: What better way to stick to a budget and plan your finances than with a professional budget template? Track your income and expenses while setting savings goals. A budget template helps you keep your finances organized and there are loads of options that are easy to customize to your specific needs.

    Calendar templates: Manage your days with a calendar template from shops on Etsy. Choose between a basic calendar or complex digital planners. You’ll even find social media planners to make sure you have a clear and consistent digital strategy.

    Gift certificate templates: If you’re a small business owner looking to expand your offerings, a gift certificate can do the trick and a template makes it easy to create your own. Gift certificates also make great gifts for holidays or birthdays. Fill your certificate with a promise of an experience or IOU of your own creation.

    Flyer templates: Need to promote your business or an event? Flyer templates from shops on Etsy are a great way to create the perfect advertisement to get people’s attention. From sales, giveaways, grand openings, or club promotions, there are templates to help you make the statement you want.

    Wedding templates: Take the stress out of planning your big day with wedding templates. Invitations, seating charts, menus, thank-you cards, and more—you’ll find templates for all of them on Etsy.