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  • Learn More About Postcards

    Postcards are a traditional type of stationery sent as a greeting card from beautiful locales while traveling, as they can be conveniently mailed without an envelope. Classic photo postcards showcase the scenery or theme of the place you’re visiting and provide a space for a short message.

    Digital communication has decreased the use of travel postcards, but there are many ways that postcards are still used today. Some people like to send out Christmas postcards every year, while others send them as baby shower invitations. Businesses have also taken up the use of postcards as a form of direct mail marketing. The sellers on Etsy carry a wide selection of postcards and postcard templates for any occasion.

    In a world of texts and emails, sending a postcard is a great way to give your greeting a personal touch. Some common examples of personal postcards include:

    • Holiday postcards: Spread some seasonal cheer by sending a holiday postcard to your friends and family. Find Christmas postcards and all sorts of festive designs from sellers on Etsy.
    • Thank you postcards: Sending a thank you postcard to guests at your wedding or baby shower is a thoughtful way to express your gratitude for their attendance and their gift.
    • Postcard invitations: Delight your loved ones by inviting them to a special event with a postcard in the mail. A postcard invitation feels more formal and welcoming than a digital invite.

    While postcard use is declining among travelers, it is increasing among businesses, particularly real estate companies. Business postcards are an easy and affordable way of reaching existing customers and potential new clients. Small businesses often see them as a way to grow through direct and targeted marketing. Real estate postcards, for example, can introduce homeowners to the neighborhood's real estate agents or alert potential buyers to property deals in the area. Etsy sellers carry a large selection of postcard templates for businesses and real estate to help with marketing initiatives.

    Give your postcards an even more meaningful touch by having them customized. Discover a large collection of custom postcards that you can personalize with your unique text, artwork, design, or a photo. Photo postcards featuring your family make lovely greeting cards over the holidays. For businesses, on the other hand, personalized postcards can help you connect with current or potential clients. Simply upload your own text or image into the postcard template and your order will be completed and sent to you.

    Vintage postcards are a popular collector's item and a growing market among collectors and dealers. These snapshots of iconic travel destinations act as a kind of time capsule that allows you to revisit locations around the world. Many people use vintage postcards in journaling and scrapbooking, and they also make great gifts for parents and grandparents. On Etsy, you can find both unused vintage postcards as well as stamped and postmarked cards that have been sent on journeys across the globe.