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    People still use and love stationery despite today’s world of email, social media, and other electronic forms of communication. Some would agree that there’s nothing like receiving a handwritten letter in the mail—it’s a nostalgic, personal touch that is always appreciated. Also, certain stationery items such as wedding invitations and announcements, special event programs, and postcards are meaningful souvenirs that people like to keep.

    You’ll find all kinds of stationery on Etsy to suit many different purposes—from special occasions to everyday correspondence. Here are a few examples of the most commonly used stationery:

    For the papyrophiles (lovers of paper) in your life, stationery sets make great gifts. Work with a designer on Etsy to create custom stationery—such as monogrammed stationery with their initials—as an ultra-personal gift that friends and family will truly appreciate.

    On Etsy, you’ll also find a fantastic selection of stationery in a variety of colors, themes, and styles. Discover formal or cute stationery, stationery for Christmas and other festive holidays, and all sorts of kids’ stationery that young ones can show off to their classmates at school.