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    Address and shipping labels are stickers that are printed with names, addresses, and other information. You can put them on anything that is sent in the mail to direct your items to the right destination. Custom address labels are also an excellent way to add your own unique style and personality to letters and packages. They can be colorful and snazzy or classic and simple, depending on the occasion or purpose. From traditional designs to joyous holiday themes, artists on Etsy design all kinds of address label stickers that will spice up your greeting cards, stationery, envelopes, and more.

    Whether you want to send out holiday greetings, or invite your closest friends and family members to your wedding, there’s address label sticker design for every occasion. Here are some of the delightful labels you can use to brighten up every piece of mail you send:

    • Address label templates come pre-designed with your favorite fonts, colors, and notes saving you time and effort from having to design them yourself. Use these templates to print your own labels at home or at your local printer.
    • Christmas address labels have a healthy dose of classic holiday cheer that yule just love to send.
    • Wedding address labels are an opportunity to give guests a taste of the wedding theme that’s to come.
    • Clear address labels add a nice touch to your mail without taking attention away from the stylish packaging you picked.

    Are you a business owner that relies on shipping packages to run your business? If so, you probably know that without proper shipping labels your orders could be lost in the mail, causing bad customer experiences, damaging your brand image, and ultimately costing you money. Shipping label templates come pre-designed with the colors, fonts, and graphics you like, saving you precious time.

    If you want to go the extra mile, pick your own designs and colors that will complement your brand and let your customers know that you value their business. Many sellers on Etsy offer custom shipping label solutions that make branding your business a breeze. Make sure your products get to their destination in one piece with high-quality, durable shipping boxes.