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    Originating from the worlds of film and theater, a backdrop is a cloth or canvas used to cover the background or become a scenic background itself. As photography developed, backdrops and background decorations evolved into creative spaces at photoshoots and parties and for advertising at red-carpet events and sports interviews. On Etsy, you’ll find styles of backdrops for a range of occasions, including backdrops for photo booths and weddings.

    At a glance, backdrops and party backdrops may not seem significantly different—until you introduce props. Both set the scene to create instant memories, but with party props, you also get things like fake mustaches and hilarious signs for some fun photobooth shenanigans. Turn bachelorette and birthday parties into a memory-wall-making machine with photos of friends and family using props designed to leave everyone smiling. Whether you’ve got a photographer’s eye or you’re rocking the model life, adding backdrops and props to your photoshoots can elevate your portfolio and boost your social media game.

    A decorated background can be used to dress up the area behind you or even become a focal point in many ways. You’re not limited to using a giant canvas to cover the wall. Browse shops on Etsy for a wide range of backdrop options the next time you want to add some oomph to a party or decorate for a special event.

    • Pedestals: Freestanding cylinders, stands, and shelves allow you to add extra decorations and detail to your pictures. Candles and signs are always welcome additions.
    • Wedding arches: A wedding staple, arches are the perfect backdrop for vows or couples' photos. Choose one with lights or a rustic feel, or simply keep it traditional.
    • Banners: String banners across the room or between trees to add to a theme or make open spaces feel more connected. Use banners as a silly addition to a bachelorette party or as a useful way to direct guests to the party.
    • Drapes: Create a curtain of cascading flowers or a shimmering gold wall. Add a heavier canvas backdrop with a party backdrop stand to help you hang and stabilize stand-out drapes.
    • Foam letters and numbers: Instantly capture attention and tell everyone what you’re celebrating as you accentuate a milestone anniversary or jokingly repeat a 30th birthday for a second or third time.