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  • Learn More About Confetti

    Italian businessman Enrico Mangili is often credited with inventing celebratory confetti in 1895. Back then, silkworm farmers used perforated pieces of paper as worm bedding. Mangili gathered the resulting tiny scraps and marketed them as a silly, festive item to toss during parades and celebrations.

    Today’s paper confetti is a marked improvement over mud and eggs, of course, and you’ll find all kinds in the shops on Etsy. Especially when paired with other festive party supplies, confetti makes any get-together a little more memorable.

    To reach the pinnacle of your confetti dreams, add a couple of these accessories.

    • Confetti cannons: A confetti cannon uses compressed nitrogen to blow confetti out of a tube. Also known as confetti guns, these can create dramatic confetti displays.
    • Confetti eggs: Confetti eggs, also called cascarones, are empty eggshells painted brightly, filled with confetti, and sealed with a crumple of tissue paper. Traditionally, friends or family members break cascarones over each other’s heads in surprise, showering them with confetti and joyful congratulations.
    • Confetti poppers: Also known as a party popper, a confetti popper emits loud popping noises from a friction-activated explosive charge that triggers when you pull a string. As it pops, it releases confetti.
    • Confetti punchers: Confetti punchers let you make your own confetti from almost any paper or thin material. Use all those old magazines and newspapers to create ecofriendly party accessories.

    Use confetti when it’s time to celebrate! There’s no occasion too big or too small for a good sprinkling.