Party Hats & Crowns

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    Party hats trace their origins back to the pointed dunce cap, indicating a relaxation of social norms—in other words, that it’s time to let loose and party. Ubiquitous at birthday and New Year’s Eve parties, when you see someone wearing a party hat, you know a fun time is happening. Over in the UK, party crowns are popular, often as the prize in a surprise cracker toy. No matter where you are or what you’re celebrating, shops on Etsy have party hats and crowns to really get your party going.

    Party hats and crowns on Etsy feature many types, running the gamut from disposable to renewable, and general to personal. Take your fun to the next level with some different party hats and crowns including these common types:

    • Paper: Paper party hats are a fun and simple way to get everyone on the same party page, and come in multiple designs both printed and adorned with embellishments like pom poms and badges.
    • Felt: For party hats and crowns meant to last a bit longer, look for handmade felt party crowns and hats from sellers on Etsy. These fun hats can last for years, giving you a memorable keepsake that you can enjoy again and again.
    • Custom: Have a specific idea in mind that stores just don’t sell? Work with an Etsy artisan to craft a custom party hat or crown to your specifications. After all, ain’t no party like a well-planned party.

    There’s hardly a hoedown where party hats and crowns won’t crank the festivities up a notch or two. A child in your care having a tea party play date? Tea party hats bring an air of elegance and immersion to the table. Birthday party hats help everyone know at the bowling, games, and pizza place exactly whose special day it is. Rover’s adoption day coming up? Plan for dog party hats perfect for breaking the internet with cuteness overload. Ring in the New Year wearing a golden party hat brimming with glitz and glamor. Whatever shindig you’re throwing, shop the selection of party hats and crowns from sellers on Etsy.