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    Birdcages are the houses that we use for our domesticated pet birds. The main purpose of a bird’s cage is to provide your beloved bird with the home and protection it deserves. A well-designed birdcage will provide both bird and owner with many years of enjoyment and use. From parrots to parakeets and everything in between, there is a birdcage that will suit the needs of you and your winged companion.

    It’s important to select a birdcage that will allow for the daily movement and freedom that is normal for a domesticated bird. Ideally, your bird will have enough space to fly around from place to place, which means your cage should have some places for your bird to perch. Bird perches go inside the cage, and make your pet feel as though they are sitting up high above the action.

    Birdcage materials vary a great deal, mostly to accommodate the size and strength of the bird that it will house. A larger bird won’t just require a larger cage, but stronger bars as well. Most birdcages for big birds are made from stainless steel with an anticorrosive powder coating. Small birdcages designed for the smaller birdies may use less expensive methods, such as plating, galvanizing, or plastic coating on the steel wire.

    You’ll also want to consider the shape of your birdcage. Some bird owners find round cages to be more visually pleasing, but if you’re also interested in the comfort of your bird, square or rectangular cages often offer more living space. The style of the cage is an important factor as well. You may want to go with a traditional cage with vertical bars, or something more contemporary like a cube or playpen. If you’re looking for a way to demonstrate your artistic side to guests visiting your home, while also providing an upscale residence for your fine feathered friend, invest in an antique birdcage, vintage birdcage, or decorative birdcage.

    No birdcage would be complete without the necessary accessories to keep your pet pleased with their home. Fortunately, there are nearly countless options for you to pick from when outfitting your birdcage. A birdcage with a stand is essential for keeping your birdcage elevated, which will feel more natural since much of its time in the wild would likely be spent up in the trees. Don’t forget to add a few bird toys to keep your pet busy and happy when you’re not around.