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    Both pet crates and kennels offer a designated place for your pet to feel safe and comfortable, but while the terms are often used interchangeably, they aren’t the same thing. A pet crate is usually a temporary location for your pet, while a kennel is more of a permanent structure to house pets for longer periods.

    Use a pet crate to transport pets or as a valuable training tool. Pop one in your vehicle to keep your pet from rolling around while you drive out to a hiking trailhead, or as a designated spot to relax when they get too amped up indoors. Help cats learn the ropes of house training or introduce new animals to new spaces and soon-to-be friends in a controlled manner. A collapsible pet crate pops up anywhere with ease. If there’s some nocturnal mischief afoot or you want to have your pet sleep near you—but not on top of you—try a collapsible crate as a sleeping location for your furry friends.

    Pet kennels are often built for the outdoors and offer more space for your pet to move around, sleep, and exercise while staying contained. Outdoor dog kennels are a good alternative to fencing your yard so your pup can enjoy the sunshine and stay out of trouble. For pets who prefer to lounge indoors, provide a comfortable and tasteful place to snooze with an indoor pet kennel that doubles as furniture and blends into the room’s decor.

    While the concept may seem uncomfortable to some, there are several viable reasons why you may want your furry friend contained:

    • Most airlines require some form of crate or pet carrier for your pet to travel in.
    • For indoor cats, it’s hard to beat a catio. A catio is an outdoor kennel built for cats to enable them to watch the birds up close and get some air without the risk of getting lost or hurt. They’re the perfect hybrid for those who wish to keep their cats inside but want them to experience the outdoors in a safe way.
    • If you have a particularly destructive dog, it may be helpful to keep them in a large dog kennel or collapsible pet crate while you’re away during the day.
    • Introducing a new pet into a home can be an intimidating and overwhelming experience for them. By using a crate, the newcomer has a safe, familiar space if things get scary.
    • If you have a new pet coming into a family with pre-existing pets, a crate slows the meeting process so everyone can assess the situation first.
    • If your cat is struggling with litter box training, using a large crate or kennel can help teach them to use one. Most cats instinctively use a litter box—even if they’ve never seen one before—but keeping all the essentials contained can help them learn. Most cats don’t like to eat where they do their business, so ensure they have enough separation between their litter box and food.