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    There are multiple advantages of a harness over a typical leash and collar when walking your dog. Consider some of these perks of dog harnesses for your canine companion:

    • Prevents pulling: If your dog is prone to pulling, a harness could be a game changer. Not only does a dog harness help stop the action, it also teaches your dog that pulling gets them nowhere.
    • Prevents jumping: Is your dog a jumper? If your animal gets overzealous at times, a harness allows you to stop them from jumping on people.
    • Control and safety: Although many dogs can behave on leashes, dog harnesses provide better overall control, making them a good choice for dogs that tend to get distracted, as well as puppies that can get tangled on a regular leash.
    • Lifting assistance: If you have an older or injured dog, they may struggle with higher steps or even standing. Maybe instead, you need a small dog harness for a breed like a toy Pom that can’t reach higher places. A harness is a great way to lend your furry friend a helping hand.

    Pets other than dogs can benefit from a harness. In fact, many pets can’t do a typical leash. Here are some other pet harnesses to consider:

    • Cat harnesses: If you’re looking to take your cat outside, a cat walking harness will serve you much better than a leash. Cats can be finicky—the more control you have over their movements, the better. Collars are easier to slip out of than a cat harness.
    • Bird harnesses: A bird harness allows you to take a bird outdoors without fear of it flying away. It also can be a great source of exercise for a bird, since they will be out of their cages.
    • Small critter harnesses: Want to keep little hairy critters under control, like rats, ferrets, rabbits, or guinea pigs? Perhaps you want to take them outside, or maybe just out of their cage? A small animal harness is for you.
    • Lizard harnesses: If your lizard tends to be cooped up, a lizard harness allows you to take your reptile outdoors for sunlight and roaming.

    The perks of a pet backpack will depend on the animal. The most common pet to wear a backpack is a dog. A dog backpack harness can be beneficial not only for Fido but for you as well. Imagine a long hike—if you have a dog that can shoulder a bit of the load, that’ll mean you can both enjoy the trail longer.

    Consider your dog’s breed and personality when considering a dog backpack. Some dogs don’t like having things on their back and will never change their minds. Smaller or older dogs may not be a great fit for carrying extra loads. Other pets may be able to sport a backpack as well. A pet backpack will be best suited for larger and stronger, active animals.