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    The first step to choosing the right dog collar or cat collar is selecting the right size. Many of the designs on Etsy can be customized to fit the size of your pet’s neck. If your pet is still growing, be sure to check your pet collar choice periodically to ensure it fits correctly. Pet collars are available in many different materials and can be purchased on their own or as part of a set with a matching leash. If you’d like to avoid purchasing a separate pet ID tag, look for a collar with a personalized fabric tag or engraved buckle, like the styles available on Etsy. You can also update your pet’s collar seasonally. To make it easy to see if your pet is wearing their collar, choose a bright color like a blue collar.

    You’ll find all different styles of pet collars on Etsy, from puppy collars to adult dog collars and harness-style collars. You can customize a pet collar on Etsy by choosing the colors, pattern, and size. White collars and blue collars are popular choices and Etsy sellers offer designs in many other rainbow hues to help you express your—and your pet’s—personal style. Dog name collars are a great way to combine a collar and name tag in one design. Etsy sellers create dog name collars with custom name tags that are part of the fabric of the collar. Many sellers can also engrave your pet’s name and your contact info on the buckle of a dog collar or they may offer separate dog name tags for purchase.