Pet Beds & Cots

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    A pet bed or cot is a piece of furniture designed specifically for your animal to sleep on. They’re usually made from soft materials that create a surface similar to what human’s sleep on—only smaller. A new bed or cot for your dog, cat, or other pet gives you a chance to spoil your furry friends and make a decor statement at the same time, depending on your personal style. Spoil your pup or cat with a plush bed from shops on Etsy that specialize in pairing pets with the perfect snoozing spot.

    There are numerous delightful types of pet beds available that your beloved four-legged companion will love sleeping on. From luxurious to practical, here are some of the popular pet bed types to choose from:

    • Outdoor pet beds keep your pet comfortable when they’re sleeping outdoors and need a little extra cushioning.
    • Calming pet beds can help create a state of relaxation and comfort with a warm embrace of plush material.
    • Cooling pet beds can help keep your pet nice and cool on even the hottest summer days.
    • Elevated pet beds raise your animal’s sleeping surface off the floor.
    • Heated pet beds will keep your pet nice and toasty when sub-zero temperatures hit.
    • Personalized pet beds let the world know where Fido sleeps, thanks to customized embroidery, name tags, or even printed pictures of your pet.

    A pet bed is indispensable if you are a dog or cat owner. It gives your furry friend a space that isn’t just comfy, but also supportive for their body. If you want to make sure your dog doesn’t run rampant in the house at night or when you’re at work, consider a pet crate or kennel and put their pet bed inside. Large pet beds are ideal for this, as they will cover the entire bottom of the crate. Add pet blankets to lay on top of your pet bed or cot to create an extra cozy spot that your animal will love curling up on.