Pet Beds & Cots

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    Pet beds and cots are popular forms of pet furniture that give your furry friend a comfortable place to sleep, though they do so in slightly different ways. Pet cots are a form of elevated pet beds while most other pet beds are either wall mounted or cushioned to rest directly on the floor. Pet cot beds are a popular choice for pets who enjoy sleeping outdoors as they can lift your pet off the ground and receive sun shelter from a pet cot canopy. You can use pet cots inside the home as well to help aging pups sleep better who have joint pain and arthritis while providing better temperature control. By using an elevated pet cot, your pet is lifted off cold floors and enjoys better air circulation to cool them in warm temperatures. For high surfaces, you may want to invest in a pet ramp or a pet step to help some pets climb up who may have difficulties moving or who may be quite small.

    The best pet beds offer insulation with comfy, pillow-like structures for all sorts of domestic pets, and some are wall-mounted for curious critters who enjoy a view. Most pet beds offer decorative options so you can blend the bed into your decor or match it with your style. You might find pet beds with pillows, cat caves for kitties, or basket-style beds for your pet to snuggle into.

    There are numerous delightful types of pet beds available that your beloved four-legged companion will love sleeping on. From luxurious to practical, here are some of the popular pet bed types to choose from:

    • Outdoor pet beds and cots: Some of these are made from waterproof materials, while others have removable cushions to bring in during inclement weather. They keep your pet comfortable when they’re sleeping outdoors and need a little extra cushioning and may also have canopies for extra shade for those lazy sunny days.
    • Calming pet beds: These beds feature plush materials like foam with raised edges to offer a relaxing and cozy place for your pet to feel safe. Many are doughnut-style beds for your pet to burrow into and feel protected from all sides.
    • Cooling pet beds: When furry pets find themselves in warm temperatures, use these to keep your pet nice and cool. Some use cooling gels, while others use other technologies to regulate your pet’s temperature.
    • Elevated pet beds and cots: Raise your animal’s sleeping surface off the floor with sturdy frames and comfortable bedding.
    • Heated pet beds: Most heated pet beds plug in to keep your pet nice and toasty and are ideal for soothing joint pain.
    • Pet cave bed: Popular with both cats and dogs, these beds simulate a safe burrow for your pet to sleep and hang out in. They can help anxious and nervous pets by giving them a safe place to be.
    • Personalized pet beds: As an added touch to many types of beds, mark your pet’s sleeping spot with customized embroidery, name tags, or even printed pictures of your pet.