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Both pet steps and ramps can help increase your pet’s independence by giving them a way to climb onto furniture or access areas of your home that were once out of reach. They can be helpful for senior pets, small animals, and pets recovering from surgery. The style you choose depends on your pet’s needs, the size of your pet, and where you’ll use the ramps or steps. Portable pet ramps can be helpful for travel or for getting in and out of the car. Pet ramps for beds are a popular choice and can be used to help pets climb onto chairs or couches, too. If your pet is already comfortable with steps, pet stairs can be a helpful tool. Pet ramps may be easier for older dogs or those with injuries that might prevent them from using steps.

From pet ramps for small dogs to on-the-go picks like pet ramps for cars and travel, Etsy sellers create many different styles of pet ramps and stairs. You can often select customizations to make these ramps the perfect fit for your furry friend, such as choosing the height of the ramp or the materials it’s made from. If you’re using your pet stairs inside, you can select wood tones and carpet colors to match the rest of your decor. Pet ramps for high beds are a popular choice on Etsy and you can also request a specific height for your bed. For travel, ramps are often preferred over stairs and you’ll find many easily packable choices from Etsy sellers.