Pet Steps

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    Pet steps are small furniture pieces that provide access to higher spaces for your furry family members. Pet steps give your cat or dog a sense of independence, confidence, and access to their favorite cozy places.

    Provide your gracefully aging doggo a way to their favorite spot at the foot of the bed when they can’t quite land the jump. Give your quickly growing kitten new heights to reach with wall steps that turn into purrrfect perches. Add a lightweight pet step near the couch to keep from straining your back when your Saint Bernard wants a lift. No matter the use, pet steps create a sense of ease and increased mobility for your cute little critters.

    The style of pet steps you choose depends on your pet's needs and the available space in your home. Whether you want foldable pet steps that store easily when not in use or more substantial pet steps for large dogs, you’ll find the perfect pet step for your four-legged friend with these popular options:

    • Floor steps: Floor styles make great bedside steps for pets. They’re lightweight units featuring two to four levels and help your animal reach higher surfaces without aid.
    • Wall steps: Wall steps are an exciting choice for pet steps for cats. These mountable units come in many designs and configurations, turning your wall into a playground for your curious kitty.
    • Window steps: Window steps are solid structures that resemble leaning ladders. These steps typically feature a perch on top, allowing your pet to reach window level and survey the neighborhood for as long as they want.
    • Cage steps: Cage steps are accessories for animals that live in enclosed spaces, like hamsters, guinea pigs, and geckos. They usually clip or suction to the side of a cage or tank and provide new places for your small creatures to explore.

    Pet steps and ramps serve more or less the same purpose—making higher places accessible to your animals. Each pet has its own preferences, lovable quirks, and individual mobility needs. The best accessibility item for them depends largely on their unique makeup, so consider the reason for the aid. Steps are helpful when height is the issue. Pet ramps are better for dogs and cats with permanent or long-term mobility issues. They offer the same access to high areas with a softer impact on joints.

    Snag a cushy, extra-wide ramp when your pet needs help due to an injury or illness. Grab some custom pet steps for small dogs if your sofa is impossibly high for your little Bichon Frise. Install wall steps for a daring cat that keeps climbing to dangerous heights. No matter what type of assistance your furry friends require, you’ll find exactly what you need to give them a leg up from the shops on Etsy.