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    A pet gate or fence can be helpful in keeping your pet out of places they shouldn't be.

    Interior pet gates serve as a barrier between your four-legged friends and a restricted space in your home. Perhaps you need the kitchen to be free of animals while you prepare food for a gathering, or maybe one room of the house has too many tempting power cords for your puppy to chew on. Either way, a sturdy gate will keep your pet where they need to stay.

    Cats and dogs both love to explore. It's in their nature to be curious and familiarize themselves with their surroundings. Though it pains us to work against their natural instincts, neighborhoods contain hazards such as busy streets and animal control. Outdoor fences and pet gates protect your furry friends from venturing too far from the safety of home.

    From temporary, freestanding pens to permanent fencing with posts for the yard, you have numerous options for keeping your pets where they need to stay. Tall fencing with narrow gaps gives your dogs a view of the environment outside the yard, while preventing them from jumping or wiggling through to run rampant through the neighborhood.

    Privacy fences—though not specifically designed as fencing for pets—work well at keeping dogs where they need to be—and most cats as well, if the fence is tall enough.

    Indoor pet playpens are also popular among dog lovers. Giving dogs their own spacious area within the home keeps them in a familiar space, reducing the anxiety that outdoor confinement might cause.

    Pet gates come in two main variations: people-friendly and pet-friendly.

    Human-friendly gates for pets keep pets from getting through, while allowing humans access, usually with a latch for easy opening and closing.

    Many freestanding pet gates take a bit of work to put up or take down, using tension against door frames as the main source of their stability. Many doorway pet gates come equipped with a hinged door to pass through more easily. Others are strictly barriers, either requiring you to take them down to get by or find another route to the other side.

    Pet-friendly gates give animals free access in and out of an area, most often serving as a means to enter and exit the home.

    Pet doors are the best example of a pet-friendly gate, installed into a wall or as part of a larger door. Your animal friends get complete freedom to come and go as they please and you don't have to get up at their every whim to let them in and out. Doors for pets also usually come equipped with handy locks to ensure your furry companions stay inside at night, giving you a little added peace of mind.