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    Pet ownership can sometimes feel like swimming in a ball pit overflowing with leashes, toys, and feeding supplies. An organized storage system keeps food, toys, and accessories from taking over your home. From customized dog toy storage with their name inscribed on the side to personalized treat jars for their rewarding goodies, sellers on Etsy have you and your four-legged friends covered.

    Your pup will do backflips when you pop the top on a pet food storage container, and kitties will line up for their turn at an autofeeder at mealtime. Browse shops on Etsy for a wide array of storage options, from giant tote bags right down to wall-mounted dog leash hooks, so you have everything you need before uttering that magic word: “Walk?”

    To keep your arsenal of pet supplies tidy and organized, consider creating a central, pet-designated area for your supplies. This can be an all-in-one storage option, or you can assign stations for different activities like walks, play, and grooming.

    From there, make supplies easy to access by keeping heavy items like large food bags lower down and less frequent items like litter or weather gear in a cabinet or closet. Assign particular items to containers or drawers in a way that makes sense to you. For example, collars, treat bags, and poop bags could go in one drawer for walks, while chew toys and bones go in another.

    Use hooks to hang leashes or add a floor basket by the door with rolled towels to clean up on rainy days. Try making a grooming caddy with commonly used items like nail clippers, shampoo, and brushes, so you’re reminded often and have instant access when you get poked with dagger-like claws.

    Keep pet first aid handy in a well-marked container in an easily accessible location for emergencies. Don’t forget to include folders to collect any important vet records. It’s never fun when your pet is injured, but having these items readily available means quicker treatment so your critters can return to their happy and healthy selves that much faster.