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    One of the best moments of the day is coming home and tucking your feet into a cozy pair of house slippers. A well made pair of slippers also makes an excellent gift for birthdays, Father’s Day, and other holidays. Shops on Etsy make cozy handcrafted slippers in a wide range of styles. Here are a few of the most popular.

    Leather slippers: These classic house slippers for men come in a variety of colors. Leather slippers keep your feet feeling toasty, whether you’re working in your home office or running out to grab the mail.

    Fur slippers: Whether you shearling, alpaca, fox fur, or faux fur, there’s nothing quite so cozy as a pair of fur slippers.

    Velvet slippers: For a sleek vintage men’s slipper style that looks great while sipping your beverage of choice by the fireplace in a smoking jacket, go for a velvet slipper.

    Slipper boots: Prefer a tall slipper? Slipper boots offer warmth and support past the ankle.

    When buying slippers, it is helpful to consider where and how you will be using them. For an indoor-only slipper in a carpeted house or other non-slip floorings, opt for a soft-soled slip-on style. If you have stone, tile, or hardwood floors, you’re probably better off with a slipper with a sole made of rubber for traction.

    The climate also plays an integral role in choosing the right style. As temperatures drop, you want a house slipper made of materials like wool, leather, fleece, or faux fur that can keep your feet warm and comfortable. If you live in an area that tends towards warm weather consider summer slippers. These are usually made with breathable fabrics and often feature a sandal or other open-toed style to keep your feet comfortable and cool.

    Last, but not least, consider your foot size and shape for maximum comfort and support. Sellers on Etsy offer slippers in a range of sizes, from narrow to wide.