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    Whether finished with a high heel or a flat sole, a Mary Jane is a low-cut shoe with a strap across the instep. The style has its history in children’s school uniforms when girls and boys would wear buckle-fastened shoes to class. Still part of the dress code for some uniforms today, the shoes are also a classic formal choice for kids. The design was quick to join womenswear, with variations such as chunky heels of various heights and embellishments like dotted Brogue details.

    In the Roaring Twenties, the Western world was alive with the sound of jazz. Hemlines were shorter, dance floors were packed, and the age of cinema was just beginning. Mary Janes were the shoe of choice for ladies who wanted to spend hours doing the Charleston in a lively club. The instep strap of the shoe offered a secure fit, and a low, chunky heel was a stable, smart choice. The style was so popular that it’s still the shoe of choice for many ballroom dancers and stage performers.

    Traditionally, women’s Mary Janes were worn with stockings and a midi skirt or A-line dress.

    Now, Mary Janes are ideal office attire with their polished appearance and comfortable fit. Pair flat Mary Janes or T-strap Mary Janes with your favorite jeans and a classic white button-up for a look that goes from the desk to dinner. Chunky heel Mary Janes worn with ruffle socks are a playful and pretty take on the classic.

    For a bolder look, steal a pair of men’s trousers and wear your Mary Janes with a hidden sock.