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    Oxfords and derbies are two sophisticated lace-up shoes that have one significant difference: Oxfords have a closed lacing system, while derbies have an open one. A closed lacing system hides the overlapping laces underneath the vamp (or upper part of the shoe), while an open lacing system shows the crisscrossing laces on top of the vamp. Both shoes are suitable for a day at the office, but the closed lacing system creates a cleaner look which may be preferred for a day at the races.

    Men’s and women’s Oxfords have a few essential features that can differ between styles. The Oxford is often made from multiple pieces of leather sewn together. The leather panels may or may not feature extra details such as broguing, which is the method of adding decorative perforations to the shoe's surface. This does not compromise waterproofing, but does add visual flair. Types of Oxfords include these popular styles:

    • Wholecut Oxfords are cut from a single piece of leather for a classic and clean look.
    • Cap toe Oxfords have a separate layer of leather along the toe that often features broguing.
    • Plain-toe Oxfords don’t have a cap toe, but might have broguing alongside the laces.
    • Wing-tip Oxfords feature broguing along the toe cap and sides, with the top layer of leather creating a “W” shape.
    • Austerity brogue Oxfords are a model that has the same “W” shape as wing-tip Oxfords, but despite their name, does not actually have broguing.

    There are many ways to wear this versatile shoe, from boardroom meetings to brunches with friends. As many of the Oxford styles feature eye-catching details, they are a favorite to wear with midi skirts or capri pants. Of course, you can pair them with your favorite floor-length dress, but these shoes are too beautiful to hide away. Oxfords and jeans are an easy way to look polished from the desk to dinner reservations, and Oxfords with a mini skirt are a smart way to save your feet during those long nights on the dance floor.