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    Slippers are a lovely way to keep your tootsies warm and make your steps more comfortable. Depending on the season, how warm you typically run, and where you’ll be wearing your slippers (indoors, outdoors, or back and forth), you may prefer one type of women’s slippers over another. Here are a few styles to consider:

    • Wool slippers and sheepskin slippers deliver excellent heat retention and can be worn solo or along with some cozy wool socks.
    • Bootie slippers are easy to slip into and often come up a bit higher around your ankle, providing a few extra inches of warmth.
    • Non-slip slippers typically feature a rubber or firm sole with grooves to provide extra traction. These ladies slippers can be helpful if you’re heading outdoors briefly for a trip to the mailbox.
    • Summer slippers and flip-flop styles provide some comfort without raising the temperature too high.
    • Vintage slippers, sometimes called house shoes, are often beautifully embroidered and may be made from luxurious fabrics like velvet and silk.

    Some slippers are designed strictly for indoor use, while others can be worn outside without getting damaged. Much of this depends on the style of the sole and the fabric the slippers are made from. Moisture can damage certain fibers, like wool, so it’s best to keep natural slippers indoors.