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    From casual slip-ons to supportive sneakers and statement-making hightops, browse shops on Etsy to step into the coolest kicks around. In addition to new and vintage women’s sneakers, you’ll find an array of artistically embellished options, from casual, custom-painted pairs to embroidered bridal sneakers. Treat your feet to all types of women’s sneakers, including these popular styles:

    • Women’s athletic sneakers: Commonly referred to as “running shoes” or “trainers,” these sporty sneakers are designed for performance and fitness. They’re fit for all kinds of activities from walking in the park to shooting hoops on the basketball court. Pair them with athletic wear or jeans—they’re great for everyday wear and supportive enough to keep up with your busy day.
    • Women’s low-top sneakers: Technically any shoe that bares the ankles, low-tops can include tennis and athletic shoes, but are often synonymous with casual sneakers that feature minimal design elements, like classic skate shoes. They’re typically made of canvas, leather, or vegan leather and are often laced on the top, but slip-on sneakers are also popular.
    • Women’s high-top sneakers: High-tops are sneakers laced up above the ankles, providing a bit more support than their low-top counterparts. Although their design is inspired by classic basketball footwear, these sneakers can lean sporty or casual and work with many different outfits.
    • Women’s platform sneakers: Channel your inner ‘90’s pop star with a pair of platform sneakers. They come in many classic sneaker styles but make a statement with their chunky sole for added height. Similarly, women’s wedge sneakers are higher-heeled trendsetters that are sure to lift up any look.

    For your next pair of shoes, choose a pair of custom women’s sneakers that have been handcrafted into wearable art. Find embroidered shoes that are hand-stitched with details so fine you’ll be walking on cloud nine. The talented artists on Etsy have taken their brushes off-canvas to create stunning hand-painted sneakers with various designs and imagery. Find peace and love with tie-dyed sneakers swirling in vibrant hues, or charm your toes with bling sneakers encrusted with rhinestones or sparkling glitter.

    Go one step further down the custom route with personalized sneakers, which can be embellished with your own design, photos, and words. These handcrafted sneakers are truly one-of-a-kind.