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    Board games have a very long history. People across cultures spanning the globe have gathered to play board games since the Bronze Age. Games like chess and backgammon are still found at important archaeological and anthropological sites. The popularity of board games only grows today. Take part in the ancient tradition of besting your opponent on a tiny battlefield—or working together to reach a goal—by making time to enjoy a board game from sellers on Etsy.

    Board games have come to encompass a wide range of types, rule sets, and play styles. The variety makes for a whole lot of fun. Here are some of the most popular modern and vintage game options available from Etsy shops when it’s your turn to pick for game night.

    • Golden oldies: Classic board games are the ones we all know and love, the ones we grew up playing, the ones we introduce to the next generation. Figure out a mansion mystery whodunit or buy and sell real estate while avoiding a parking ticket.
    • Fun for all: Family-friendly and kids’ board games feature challenges geared toward including players of all skill levels.
    • Strategy: Gearing up for a fight? Strategy board games engage the part of your brain that knows how to nimbly avoid opposing forces or manage your resources.
    • G-A-M-E-S: Speak, spell, act out, or draw your way into a night full of fast-paced guessing and loads of laughs with word board games.
    • Categorical: With trivia board games, test your mind against a slew of tricky questions—like if you can remember the middle names of all the characters on that one sitcom.
    • Sword and shield: Fantasy board games transport you to realms where dragons fly, giants roam, and you must conceal your true intentions as you ascend to the throne. Let’s hope you roll well.

    Board games make winning gifts your recipient can enjoy over and over again. Know someone who has a whole wall dedicated to board game bookshelves? Vintage board games make great additions to their collection. Beloved board game unplayable because of missing crucial parts? Etsy shops sell a selection of unique game pieces and accessories, including replacement parts to help you revive your favorite game. You can even work with a talented designer on Etsy to craft a custom board game, with personalized details, for the game lover in your life.