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  • Learn More About Puzzles

    The modern puzzle finds its roots in the earliest recorded human history. Ancient civilizations created complex labyrinths and mazes. Personalized puzzle boxes or secret compartment jewelry prevented prying eyes from expensive goods. In the 1760s, European map makers pasted maps onto pieces of wood and cut them into small pieces. Since then, puzzles have continued to evolve, expand, and reach new difficulty levels, from dizzying puzzle balls to elaborate 3D wooden puzzles.

    Etsy shops sell many types of handmade and vintage puzzles for your entertainment and fun. These are some of the most popular types of puzzles.

    • Jigsaw: The most easily recognizable type of puzzle, jigsaw puzzles are flat pictures cut into similarly sized interlocking pieces. Jigsaw puzzles vary in size and piece count, making them an ideal option for beginners, experts, and everyone in between.
    • Children’s puzzles: Puzzles for children help develop a kiddo’s fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Word puzzles come in many styles, such as personalized names, favorite phrases, or the letters of the alphabet. Number puzzles make learning to count playful and engaging.
    • Abstracts and shapes: Abstract puzzles activate your creativity. Some abstract puzzles feature curved sides. 3D shape puzzles become breathtaking displays that showcase your skills.
    • Brain teasers: Brain teasers challenge you to think outside the box and come up with creative solutions to achieve success. A great gift for your favorite escape-room aficionado or a hard-to-buy-for teen, brain teasers offer a fun way to pass the time without screens.

    Puzzles make a wonderful gift for any age. They provide hours of entertainment and a deep sense of accomplishment as the last piece clicks into place. Give a grandparent a custom photo puzzle featuring portraits of the grandkids. Help your little one learn and grow with a wood block puzzle, or celebrate a toddler’s birthday with a wooden name puzzle. Gift your puzzle-loving pal an intricate 1,000-piece puzzle to keep them busy through the winter. Work with an Etsy seller to create a custom puzzle from your partner’s work of art to hang proudly in your living room. Whether you’re looking for your next challenging masterpiece or selecting a unique gift for a Secret Santa exchange, Etsy sellers make finding the perfect puzzle a piece of cake.

    Etsy sellers make a variety of puzzle accessories that can help you build—and keep—your puzzle.

    • Boards and mats: Puzzle boards and mats make it easy to work on complex puzzles without taking up space on the dining room table. Some boards feature compartments for storing loose puzzle pieces, while portable mats are designed to roll up a work-in-progress for quick storage.
    • Organizers and sorters: Find those edge pieces and keep them safe and separate. Sorting trays allow you to create a game plan for puzzle completion. They make it easy to group puzzle pieces and avoid the dreaded missing piece dilemma.
    • Preservation tools: Preservation tools such as puzzle glue and frames and displays help you keep your puzzle intact after you’ve finished your hard work. Display your completed puzzle without dropping a single piece.