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    There's no shortage of fun you can enjoy in your backyard or at the park. Several ball games come to mind, like volleyball, basketball, and even backyard football if you have the space.

    You can scale many lawn games to fit whatever size yard you have. Having fun playing horseshoes or beanbag toss is a good time in any sized yard.

    Juggling and hula hooping are fun solo activities, letting you practice skills out in the fresh air, while swings and slides are perfect for letting the kids outside to blow off some steam.

    Staying active and fit doesn't always mean leaving the house—you have a wide variety of indoor fitness and exercise options available to you, whether lifting free weights in your home gym or stretching on a mat for yoga in the living room. Or perhaps pilates or zumba are more your style.

    Not all indoor sports take place in the home. There are a number of opportunities to leave the house and enjoy indoor activities in a venue that's equipped for your style of play. Energetic racquet sports like squash or racquetball can give you the workout you need. Perhaps the relaxed pace of bowling is more up your alley. For a deeply physical workout without needing a lot of equipment, martial arts or boxing gives you healthy exercise while also building a skill.

    Sometimes we like to take it to the streets or hit the park for some fresh air activities. Bikes and cycling is a fantastic healthy pastime for the family to enjoy together, touring the town or traversing your favorite bike paths.

    Take an afternoon at the park to fly kites and other flying toys to spark your childlike imagination as you watch your aerial gadgets soar overhead.

    Many parks offer wide-open spaces to enjoy team sports like soccer or a friendly game of softball. Find the local links for a golfing foursome, and make a day of it. Or, many city parks have areas dedicated to skateboarding if wheels are more your thing.

    When the cold weather hits, many recreational areas become the perfect venue to enjoy ice and snow sports. Break out the skates to head out on a frozen pond. Strap on snowshoes for an overland trek, or go flying down snowy hills on a toboggan or skis.

    Head out of town and get back to nature with an outdoor adventure. Pack up the tent and take a camping trip. Make it a lakeside excursion, so you can swim, or hit the water for some boating and water sports, like fishing or water skiing. Find a campground with facilities that allow you to bring along hunting and archery equipment if you want to get some preparation in ahead of hunting season.