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    Action figures—those poseable, plastic model figures depicting favorite characters from beloved films, books, TV shows, and comics that we all know and love. Their name comes from a successful marketing campaign for articulated soldier toys, and until then, similar toys held the distinction as “boys’ dolls.” From best friends and adventure buddies in childhood to cherished collectors’ items in adulthood, action figures and action figure sets enjoy a special place in people’s hearts. Hunt the galaxy-sized selection of shops on Etsy for your next favorite rare collectible action figure to keep or gift.

    Custom action figures are a whole other universe of toys and collectibles with a lot of overlap with commercially produced toys. Find expert artisans bringing their original designs to life with 3D-printed action figures, or a superhero minifigure painted with a custom costume. Enjoy the wonder and awe of a professionally sculpted mash-up of horror movie action figures, or work with an Etsy designer to craft physical versions of your children’s drawings. Shops on Etsy offer custom action figures the likes of which you’ve never seen before that would look great in a display case or in a toy chest with other cherished toys.

    Gifting action figures hits the spot for hard-core collectors, children with unbound imaginations, and fans of stories and media alike. Vintage action figures carry with them a sense of nostalgia and a piece of pop-culture history.

    Need a gift for a film-loving friend’s birthday? Wrap up a set of movie action figures. If you know someone who can’t wait for the next issue of the altruistic super-powered hero magazine to come out each month, surprise them with a set of comic book action figures. No matter which universe or timeline they’re from, look for caped crusaders in poseable form in shops on Etsy.